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What is Health Anxiety ?

Health anxiety is sometimes referred to as health phobia, hypnochondria or illness anxiety disorder. It is the worry about having a serious illness or dying. This condition is the result of wrongly perceiving a problem in your physical or mental health, despite the absence of an actual medical condition. People with health anxiety become unnecessarily alarmed about any physical or psychological symptoms they detect, no matter how minor the symptom may be, and are convinced that they have, or are about to have a serious illness or disease. 

You may seek constant reassurance from GP’s and helplines despite there being nothing physically wrong. There may be frequent trips to A&E. However, once you have become locked into that negative style of thinking and convinced yourself that your chest pains are a heart attack and that headache is a brain tumour, all perspective has been lost.

It's difficult to think logically or rationally when you are full of anxiety and can convince yourself of the most catastrophic outcomes. It can be very distressing, and sometimes only the reassurance of a medical professional can convince you that you're not dying. Although, it's likely that that reassurance only lasts until the next pain or symptom...especially if you are used to performing regular body scans to try and detect health issues.

Glenys overcame her health anxiety with The Thrive Programme....

health anxiety treatment in london

 After my 20th birthday, I developed a sudden and consuming fear of death. With this fear came panic attacks, after the first few sessions of Thrive I no longer experienced the panic attacks, and the headaches I had been suffering from due to stress also began to disappear.

health anxiety treatment in london

Causes of Health anxiety

All anxieties are caused by particular, unhelpful ways of thinking, and health anxiety is no exception. The main culprits of health anxiety are catastrophic thinking whereby you imagine the worst case health scenarios. This is accompanied by obsessive thinking - the constant replaying in your mind of getting ill or dying - and the implications this will have for you and your loved ones. These thinking styles, are attempts by the sufferer to regain a sense of control over their percieved illnesses, but the reality is, that the anxiety is exaccerbated.

Effective Health Anxiety treatment - Health Anxiety Treatment in LondonThe Thrive Programme

As distressing as this anxiety can be, there IS a highly successful treatment for heath anxiety - The Thrive Programme. This is a unique and highly effective six week training Programme where you will learn how to understand, take control and change your thoughts and emotions.

Thrive will provide you with amazing personal insight, allowing you to totally change any limiting belief systems that are adversely affecting your life. You will discover what styles of thinking are causing you problems: Do you catastrophise? Do you obsess and ruminate about things? Do you always anticipate the worst case scenrio in forthcoming situations? I will also prove to what a huge part your imagination plays in both causing and resolving problems and symptoms. The more insight you can get into yourself and your thinking, the more you can understand your reactions to your body, get perspective, and take back control.

When you genuinely understand how your mind works, i.e. the interaction between your emotions, your personality and your thinking, you feel much more in control and empowered. When you recognise that most of your problems, stresses, symptoms and ill-health are either caused or made worse by poorly-managed thinking, you feel fantastic … because if you caused these problems, then you can change them!

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The Thrive Programme is very different to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for health anxiety!

Many people that I have treated for health anxiety have tried CBT....to no avail and they have concerns that The Thrive Programme is similar. They are, in fact, very different! Thrive doesn’t just focus upon giving a person some isolated insights, tools and techniques to cope with a symptom or problem. These approaches are ‘fire-fighting’ – trying to control or reduce the anxiety AFTER we have already created it by our thinking. Often people tire quickly of having to maintain this level of effort of fending of negative thoughts.

It is of limited value teaching you any sort of ‘positive thinking’ or CBT techniques unless you understand the component parts of your thinking and beliefs that continue to create the anxiety. The Thrive Programme is about Thriving and overcoming symptoms is just a part of that.  It is about creating strong psychological foundations (eg, good self esteem) so that we are not creating anxiety in the first place.

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