The Thrive Programme

Unique, revolutionary and
life-changing training

The Thrive Programme is a life-changing course that teaches you how to take control of your life, bringing out the very best of who you are. Thriving means having good self esteem and a healthy sense of control over your life, leading to happiness, success, health and resilience. When you are thriving, you don't create symptoms and anxieties.

Thrive is unique.....and it works!

✓  Overcome ANY psychological or emotional issues, take control of your life....and feel great.
✓  A revolutionary, unique and life-changing psychological training programme
✓  Easy to understand and quick...experience remarkable changes in just six sessions
✓  Weekly 1-2-1 sessions, tailored to suit you.

✓  Completely different to ALL other therapies or interventions available
✓  Hugely successful - Many thousands of people worldwide are now happy and Thriving

The Thrive Programme is not therapy. It's not counselling. It's not Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I'm not going to delve into your past or give you techniques to try to fire-fight away anxieties. The aim of the programme is to help you create strong psychological and emotional foundations, so you can live your life to the full.

In a nutshell, what is The Thrive Programme?

  • A six-session training programme that equips you with all the insights, skills and resources you need in order to be happy and in control in your life.
  • One-to-one weekly interactive sessions covering topics such as: self esteem, your sense of control over your life, social anxiety, unhelpful thinking styles (eg, catastrophising, brooding, perfectionist), etc.
  • Unique and revolutionary - it is completely different to any other intervention available, including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), counselling, psychotherapy, NLP or hypnotherapy.
  • The aim of the sessions is to create strong psychological foundations, such as good self esteem and an inner sense of control. When these are formed, we don't create symptoms and anxieties.

the thrive programmeI feel like I have been on a journey with this and you have been brilliant. I now feel more confident and can understand why I felt so negative about lots of my life. I am 50 this year and I feel like I am on the threshold of life!!! No more negative thoughts for me. This has given me my life back. Louise, 49the thrive programme

What you will learn...

This programme is all about YOU! It is a powerful training programme that helps you to understand yourself, your beliefs and your thinking styles that are causing your symptoms and problems in life. Once you have that insight, it can be very easy to think differently, change old patterns of behaviour and feel back in control. When people are thriving, they are living their life to the full. They find it easier to be resilient, to stay happy and healthy, to be successful and to achieve their goals.

Discover how to completely change the way you think and feel about yourself and challenging situations - enabling you to live a happier, more successful and positive life. It generally takes around six weekly sessions to complete, although in some cases the programme can be shorter depending on client's needs.[fusion_separator style_type="none" top_margin="10" bottom_margin="10" sep_color="" icon="" width="" class="" id=""/]


thrive programme

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the thrive programme

Coming to see you to do the Thrive programme was the best thing I’ve done in a very long time-  it is amazing. I feel as as if I’ve stepped out from the fog. I now feel really happy and I feel as if I could do anything.

Louise, 48, Used the Thrive Programme for feeling stuck in life.the thrive programme

This training course is the culmination of nearly 25 years of studying people: what makes them happy, what makes them sad, what makes them sick, what makes them healthy. Why on some days can you feel happy and optimistic and other days suddenly feel down and miserable? Why do some people keep getting colds, whilst others rarely do? Why do some people get so depressed that they kill themselves, whilst others, despite sometimes terrible hardships, are resilient and face the pressuresand stresses of life with a spring in their step and a smile on their face?

The Thrive Programme will provide you with amazing personal insight, allowing you to totally change any limiting belief systems that are adversely affecting your life. You will discover what styles of thinking are causing you problems: Do you catastrophise? Do you obsess and ruminate about things? Do you always anticipate the worst case scenrio in forthcoming situations? I will also prove to what a huge part your imagination plays in both causing and resolving problems and symptoms.

the thrive programme

After just a couple of sessions with Cara I felt so much better, like a completely different person! I can’t even remember what it was like to be so worried and stressed out. After completing the course I feel so much more free and can have a happy day every day! I cannot both thank nor recommend Cara enough, she has done so much to help me and my life has truly been changed. Thank You Cara

Elliot, 14, consulted for insecurity about his appearance.


the thrive programmeEvery penny spent and every minute spent was worth it and I will continue referring to Thrive for the rest of my life. Meeting with Cara and taking part in the THRIVE programme has really made me learn much more about myself, things I never knew before. I now feel like I can overcome anything. Thank you SO much for all of your help Cara, I feel like a little butterfly let loose! 

the thrive programme

Hear what others have to say about Thrive

If all this sounds a bit too good to be true, do watch the videos from clients who have been through the programme and how life changing it has been for them. My client videos and testimonials can be found via the menu links on the right hand side of my website.
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The Thrive Programme workbook

Essential reading material to accompany this course.

Click HERE to read its amazing reviews or buy a copy.[fusion_separator style_type="none" top_margin="10" bottom_margin="10" sep_color="" icon="" width="" class="" id=""/]

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