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Are you looking to overcome symptoms and anxieties, or just want to feel happier, more confident and more in control? If so, I can help you.

I have been in practice for over 20 years and have helped thousands of people to successfully resolve their issues such as anxiety and panic attacks, phobias, sexual problems, weight loss, social anxiety anxiety and addictions. I run two established, full-time practices in Rickmansworth and Aylesbury and offer Skype sessions for those clients who are further afield.

I am a psychotherapist and Licensed Thrive Consultant with a degree in Psychology. I'm passionate about helping people to overcome their issues and feel happy, confident and in control in their lives. Get in touch today and take that first step to changing your life for the better.

Rickmansworth thrive programmeI think Cara Ostryn should be available on the National Health and it be available to everyone!!

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The Thrive Programme - in a nutshell

What is it?
The Thrive Programme is a remarkable, life-changing course that has already helped tens of thousands of people all over the world to overcome mental health problems and learn to thrive.

How does it work?
Over six weekly, one-to-one sessions together, I can teach how to build your self belief and develop a strong sense of control over your thinking and your life in general. All psychological symptoms and anxieties stem from issues with our beliefs and thinking, and The Thrive Programme will give you invaluable insight into yourself and all the knowledge and tools you need to bring out the best in who you are.

What does it mean to Thrive?
Thriving means having good self esteem/beliefs and a healthy sense of control over your life, leading to happiness, robust mental well-being and resilience for when life gets more challenging. When you are thriving, you don't create symptoms and anxieties.

It's unique
If you have previously tried other interventions or therapies that have not worked for you (as is the case with most of the clients I see), please be reassured that The Thrive Programme is completely different to any other kind of intervention available for mental well-being. The Programme is unique.....and it works. Read more.

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Thrive ProgrammeI'm really happy to have a chat with you if you'd like to find out more. Call my mobile on 07740 781 573.

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