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Are you drinking too much?

help for alcohol abuse rickmansworth Ruislip, Watford, Northwood, Hillingdon Uxbridge Harrow.Alcohol can have a numbing effect - an escape from everyday life and its stresses and worries. Perhaps what started out as just a couple of glasses of wine after work has now escalated to a level you have become worried about. Maybe you feel you need alcohol to reduce social anxiety so you can relax with others.

The government guidelines for weekly alcohol consumption state that you are safest not to regularly drink more than 14 units per week (this applies to men and women). This equates to six glasses of wine or six pints of beer.

Reasons for alcohol abuse

There is always a reason that people become dependent alcohol - perhaps its an escape from the stresses or boredom of everyday life. Maybe your life feels empty and the alcohol fills that gap. More often than not, it's a coping mechanism to escape from negative emotions. Maybe you have the belief that your body is addicted to alcohol and you feel you don't have the ability or strength of mind to fight it.

As stress levels increase in the UK, it's easy to reach for those glasses of wine or  spirits to help you deal with everyday life. It's easy to feel you deserve that drink after a long, stressful day. After all, alcohol does offer that immediate 'hit', whereby in a just a few minutes, the stresses of the day can seem so much further away. However, when drinking amounts escalate, it can be easy to feel out of control and worry that you're drinking too much.

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Mel, 63, came to see me for help after her drinking levels escalated...

 I started working through the Thrive programme with Cara as I hoped it would help me. At the time I considered myself to be a reasonably content person, with a drinking issue. It completely changed the way I now think about things, including realising that I don't actually have a drink problem! I now feel as though I have a weight lifted off my shoulders, the Thrive Programme taught me just how many unhelpful and limiting thoughts I was carrying around in my head! help for alcohol abuse rickmansworth Ruislip, Watford, Northwood, Hillingdon Uxbridge Harrow.

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If you have, or are developing a drinking problem, I can help you to you feel much more in control of how much alcohol you drink. Take back control of the thoughts, beliefs, emotions and worries that make you feel reliant upon alcohol.

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Help for Alcohol abuse

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