The Thrive Programme

Written by Cara Ostryn, Thrive Programme Consultant, based in Rickmansworth, NW London and Aylesbury, Beds.

What is the Thrive Programme?

The Thrive Programme® is a totally fresh approach to achieving lasting happiness, health and success. It is an evidence-based training programme that teaches you the skills and resources to overcome mental health issues and learn to thrive. It empowers you with the skills, insights and resources in order to take control of your life, bring out the very best of yourself and enjoy everything that you do.

Thriving people have a skill-set that makes them more robust, resilient,  and confident… they feel powerful and more in control of their lives… they are less prone to stress, anxiety or depression and they generally live longer and happier. Thriving people find it easier to resist social pressures, take more responsibility for their physical and mental health and live a more positive and active life.

What makes the Thrive Programme® unique?

The Thrive Programme is completely different to all other mental health interventions, including counselling and CBT. It brings together scientific research and years of clinical experience in a unique and dynamic manner that is easily accessible to all. Although many other training courses and techniques do focus upon some similar concepts to Thrive, they don’t go into the same in-depth detail of the underlying fundamentals, nor integrate the knowledge in such an easy-to-apply and comprehensive manner. The Thrive Programme is not therapy or a treatment programme where something is ‘done to’ a person. It is all about empowering people to make the necessary changes for themselves.

Thrive Programme LondonAbout Rob Kelly, Creator of The Thrive Programme®

This unique programme has been developed by renowned psychotherapist, lecturer and author Rob Kelly and his uniquely insightful understanding of people, attained over his 30 years in clinical practice. His experiences and research have led to an exceptional level of understanding of people’s problems, symptoms and anxieties.

The main topics covered in the programme

Thrive is a structured, easy to follow training programme that involves you really getting to understand:

• How YOU create fears and anxieties and symptoms – and how to free yourself of them.

• What makes you tick, what limiting beliefs you may have, and the specific ‘thinking styles’ you adopt.

• The 'Psychological Foundations' that dictate how you lead your life: your Self Esteem and Sense of Control.

• How much power you believe you have to make changes in your life,  how in control you feel. Learn how your desire for control means you avoid many situations...and how to regain that control.

• How your self-esteem can be changed in just two weeks, and the huge knock-on effect this will have upon you.

• How to banish Social Anxiety and feel confident around others.

Who is suitable for the Programme?

Anybody who is motivated to change and is capable of understanding and applying the programme will benefit from it. Even children as young as 10 are able to benefit from the programme.

How long is the programme?

Six sessions is all you need to learn to Thrive. Sometimes three sessions are all that's necessary to resolve a simple problem.

How long is each session?

Most are between 60-75 minutes.

Are the sessions one-to-one or group sessions?

Most sessions are one-to-one, except where I am working with children and parents. However, it is possible to deliver the Thrive Programme to a group of people.

What are the benefits of working with me, rather than independently through the Workbook?

For any woman who is highly motivated to overcome vaginismus and is willing to commit to putting in a good amount of effort to work through the programme, the Workbook may be all you need to succeed. However, the advantages of working through the programme with me as your personal Thrive Consultant, coaching you through the programme are as follows:

  • I can support and motivate you. I'll help to keep you motivated  and you'll have the confidence of knowing you have my support throughout the programme.
  • Human engagement. My job is to teach, coach and guide you through the programme. My clients enjoy the interaction during our sessions because as well as being educational, sessions can be fun too and there are often laughs along the way.
  • I can pace your progress, tailoring the programme to suit your own particular needs in terms of setting you goals, exercises and other ways of applying the programme to benefit you as an individual.
  • I can bring the book to life.  Working together, we'll get to know eachother. The insight I get into your life means that I can help you  apply the concepts from the programme to your own experiences, making it much more relatable.
  • You can share your successes with me! My clients are often as excited about sharing their achievements with me as I am hearing about them - it's the best part of my job.
  • I can help you with any questions or you may have. Just ask.
  • I can steer you in the right direction if you go off-track. There will be challenges for every person who goes through the programme, and in fact, we grow more from being challenged than from when life runs smoothly. However, with my help they should seem like molehills rather than mountains!

A past client of mine, Jess, offered the following words when asked what she found were the benefits of working with me:

"Cara is extremely perceptive in her way of working. She noticed things about me (both physically and emotionally) that helped further my understanding of myself immensely. She was far from just a trained consultant who read off a script following the outline of the book. She brought extra to the sessions that proved very helpful.

Cara is a helpful mix of firm but kind.  She brought a “human explanation” to some aspects of the book.  I was able to be honest when I truly wasn’t quite understanding something first time round. I have always been a deep thinker and can overcomplicate things sometimes (!!) but Cara was able to answer all my questions and keep me on the right path of understanding.

Cara also brought a healthy dollop of honesty to the programme which helped it feel less about a professional teaching a client. Instead, it was one genuine knowledgeable woman passing on information to another. The fact our sense of humour is cut from the same cloth kept the sessions fun and has given me some extra personal coping mechanisms that I shall never forget."

What is the effort I need to put in?

You need to engage in the sessions and be as open as you can. Make sure that you apply the knowledge you gain from the sessions to your everyday life as much as possible. You will be given a workbook to and support videos  to accompany your sessions which will enhance your knowledge and insight. Occasionally, you will be set small goals to acheive - nothing too daunting -  to help you to create new positive beliefs and behaviour.

It sounds too good to be true! Will it work for me?

Well, that depends on you - you will get out of the programme exactly what you put in to it! If you put in a a good amount of effort to apply what you learn, you will hugely benefit from the programme. If you are looking for a quick fix or for someone to . This is why my testimonials pages are so important - there's nothing like hearing about Thrive directly from the people who have already been through the programme and have transformed their lives.

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