Children with emetophobia: How Molly overcame her fear of sick

Children with emetophobia

Below is the video of Molly who came to see me recently for her fear of being sick (emetophobia). At its worst, the phobia stopped her leading a normal life - she had panic attacks that affecting her schooling, what she ate and drank, and would pace the floor at night, fearful of going to sleep. Molly had tried other therapy in the past such as hypnotherapy and CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) but felt no better. 

Then Molly's parents brought her to me and we went through a six session course of The Thrive Programme. All the effort she put into the Thrive Programme has paid off and she is now over her fear and has gone back to leading a normal, happy life. The Thrive Programme is incredibly affective at treating children with emetophobia because it is gives people the self insight to understand and change the beliefs and thinking behind the phobia. To read more about The Thrive Programme, click here.

Below is Molly's video where she tells her story of how the emetophobia affected her life, and how she overcame it. A massive well done to Molly and her mum who helped her to apply to the programme.