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Genuine Testimonials from children and teenagers who were helped at Rickmansworth Thrive Clinic

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childrens problemsI just wanted to say thank you for your help over the summer. It really helped going through the programme with you. I definitely feel more confident and can deal with stress much more easily. At the end of summer I was able to go on a work trip for a couple of days and really enjoyed myself, without the worries I would have had before. And I may not be able to pick it up quite yet but I have made friends with the spider in the corner of my room!

Danielle, 19 helped with social anxiety and self esteem

childrens problems

Thank you so much for all your hard work with me these past couple of months. I have definitely gained more confidence and know I can beat my emetophobia. I recognise I need to change my thinking and I am really beginning to Thrive! xxx

Rachel, 12, consulted for fear of being sick
 childrens problems

I just wanted to email you to thank you for the past 3 sessions, which went better than I ever imagined! Not that I did not have faith in you, because I do! I feel so happy and overwhelmed at the changes in (her) already, and thank you for teaching me lots too as I am also thinking differently and in a more positive way, thus ensuring my family try and do the same!

I was infact in my comfort zone and felt at ease during the sessions, thanks to you Cara for doing such a great job and being so genuine and friendly! I shall certainly be recommending you to absolutely everyone !!

Mother of 10 year old girl consulting for fear of feeling dizzy
childrens problems
I just wanted to let you know that I went to a sleepover at the weekend and felt completely good about it. I have also sat several exams since I have seen you and they were really good, I was a little nervous and first but calmed myself down and got good grades. Thank you for all your help:)

Penny, 14, Thrive for fear of exams and sleepovers

childrens problems

Dear Cara, before I start my long paragraph on how you have changed my life, I would just like to say…THANK YOU!  Before I started the Thrive Program I could barely say the word ‘vomit’ without freaking out. In contrast to this, I now 99.9% feel that I could cope if I was to be sick. Doing this course has made me break many barriers that emetophobia had limited me to. Now those barriers are broken, my emetophobia went with it. So for the last time, THANK YOU!

Kitty, 11, Thrive Programme treatment for emetophobia. Taken from ‘Thank You’ card
childrens problems
I came to Cara to try to alleviate my social-anxiety. I was so nervous about leaving my house just because of how I looked every single day; I would spend hours indoors just waiting by the door to pluck up the courage to leave. My focus at school was beginning to drop and I was just getting worse. After just a couple of sessions with Cara I felt so much better, like a completely different person! I can’t even remember what it was like to be so worried and stressed out.

When I go back to the beginning of my Thrive book and look at some of the answers I gave to the quizzes I think: ‘Why would I have said that? Did I really used to believe that?’ After completing the course I feel so much more free and can have a happy day every day! I cannot both thank nor recommend Cara enough, she has done so much to help me and my life has truly been changed. Thank You Cara 🙂

Elliot, 14, treated for insecurity about his appearance
childrens problems
Cara has helped me to overcome the guilt I felt in every day life. I now realise that the guilt I felt was not necessary and not normal. It is so nice to make normal rash decisions now and not feeling guilty about everything and anything.

Food has always been a big issue with me and even eating a big meal I would get a sense of huge guilt come over me, feeling that I need to get it out of my body. Guilt now does not affect me and I now realise it shouldn’t. I totally recommend Cara to anyone who wants to clear unwanted emotions and just feel better about everything. Cara is such a special woman and she helped me so much. It is the best I have ever felt and such an amazing feeling to have in just a few weeks

Lynne, 19, treated for guilty feelings
childrens problems
Hi Cara, Just to let you know how **** is getting on. He’s now going upstairs on his own, asking for the lights to be turned off, and even saying he can’t sleep because it is too bright. He was so excited (after the session), and bedtimes all this week have been something he really looks forward to. Thank you so much, his whole attitude seems to have changed from one short visit.

Mum of 8 year old boy, treated for fear of the dark
childrens problems
I was a 17-year old having real problems with anxiety and obsessive thoughts about violence etc, that even though I felt wasn’t within my capabilities, still frightened me. Over a year later, I would like to say the biggest thank you for your help in given my normal life back, at a time where I didn’t know what was happening to me. At the worse times, the thing that kept me going was looking forward to the appointments I
had, in the belief that you would give me greater courage, and it worked every time…

It has benefited my life so much to be able to rid myself of these anxieties. Where I used to avoid awkward social situations, such as being on my own with someone whom I don’t really know, I now feel so much more confident. My self-confidence has gone through the roof, and friends have commented recently about how I seem to come more out of my shell, something I have found difficult ever since I was a small child.

The past year has seen many good things happen to me, but writing this email to both you and Rob (Kelly) is up there in terms of giving me the greatest satisfaction. The words above inadequately describe how eternally grateful I am for what you’ve done.

Richard, 18, treated for negative obsessive thoughts and social anxiety
childrens problems
Thank-you so much for all your hard work with me these past couple of months. I have definitely gained more confidence and I know I can beat my emetophobia. I recognise when I need to change my thinking and I am really beginning to Thrive!

Demi, 12, Thrive Programme for fear of sick
childrens problems
The thrive programme has helped me so much throughout these last few months since finishing the sessions. Whenever i feel anxious or worried i will use the techniques you have given me. I have been in a few situations but i didn’t panic, I carried on with whatever i was doing and soon forgot about it. Also last year i felt anxious about being in an exam, if i was sick whilst doing the exam i couldn’t sleep or eat much. But this year, i felt absolutely fine doing my exams. I completely forgot about it!

For once in my life i feel free. I can do whatever i want to do. I can eat anything without hesitating. For 5 years i had been living with emetophobia. Now after doing the thrive programme i no longer have this phobia. Thank you so much Cara! 🙂

Marc, 14, treated for fear of sick with The Thrive Programme

* Some names have been changed to preserve anonymity

Testimonials about Childrens problems at the Rickmansworth Thrive Clinic