How the Thrive Programme resolves specific symptoms

If you are reading this page, it is probably because you have contacted me asking for help with your particular symptom and I have suggested doing the Thrive Programme.

You might be thinking "I just want to resolve my problem, I don't want a complete overhaul of my life!" Give me two minutes to explain to you how the Thrive Programme can help and why you'll gain so much more than you ever considered.

Symptoms aren't happening to are creating them!

Many people believe that their symptom is just a stand-alone issue, something quite separate to the way they operate generally in life; a thing that is 'happening to' them.

This is not so!!

All anxieties and symptoms are the END RESULT of very specific and unhelpful ways of thinking. There may be thinking styles such as catastrophising (imagining the worst), brooding and ruminating, perfectionist, negative or black and white thinking. Below are some specific examples:.

  • Insomniacs are often very good at over-thinking and obsessing, not only at night, but during the day too.
  • Panic attack and sexual problems sufferers are experts at catastrophising and preparing themselves for the worst case scenario - and unknowingly creating a self fulfulling prophesy
  • OCD sufferers are usually perfectionist and black and white thinkers, and find it hard to tolerate uncertainty.

The chances are, you will be using these unhelpful thinking styles in other areas of your life too, leading to other issues. This is why people usually have more than one symptom.

The Thrive Programme involves much more than just giving you self insight and helping you to change these thinking styles. We don't want you to just get really good at firefighting away those unhelpful thinking styles....that's hard work and a lot of effort.

We want you to NOT CREATE those unhelpful thinking styles in the first place!

This is done by teaching you how to have strong, robust psychological foundations, ie, good self esteem, confidence around others, and a robust sense of control.  We don't create symptoms when we are thriving. When our foundations are strong, we don't brood, we don't catastrophise. Instead we think in positive, empowering ways. We Thrive.

The beauty of Thrive is that you may begin the programme with the intention of overcoming your main symptom, but you will end the programme gaining much, much more than that.

Don't just take my word for it!

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