Client Testimonials: Anxiety and Panic Attacks

What clients have to say about their experience of treatment for anxiety and panic attacks at the Rickmansworth Thrive Programme and Hypnotherapy Clinic.

All testimonials have all been reproduced with my client’s kind permission


hypnotherapy aylesburyI suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for 14 years. I tried everything to get better, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, medicines, tablets, even religion, but nothing seemed to work. And then I met Cara and for the first time I could see definite signs of improvement, I felt much much better. And what it is most important, she is the only one among about 15 doctors I met who really cared. Most of them were cold, distant and they didn’t really understood what I was feeling and going through.

I just want to thank you, Cara, so so much because you make me feel understood and for your exceptional humanity, caring for me and asking about my progress. You made me feel not like a ” case” but like a person and that I can actually get better and defeat my for cocaine abuse rickmansworth

Alice, 32, treated for panic attacks

hypnotherapy aylesbury

Dear Cara, Just wanted to say a big thank you for guiding me through the Thrive Programme. I found the whole programme enlightening. I was better able to understand exactly what was going on in my mind and how to correct it, in order to go back to being more confident and happy!

You made the whole process easy for me and also kept it simple to understand and put into practice. I am sure that played a big part in helping me get better. I would thoroughly recommend you and the Thrive Programme to anyone with anxiety.

help for cocaine abuse rickmansworthSunita, 55, treated for anxiety

hypnotherapy aylesburyMy panic attacks started at the age of 24. Having been on antidepressants for 10 years and it taking me three years to come off of them, you can imagine my despair when my dear father passed away suddenly last year and the panic and anxiety started to resurface again. My life became somewhat of a daily struggle with a list of anxiety symptons as long as my arm and with a young baby to look after I decided to seek some help. I so desperately did not want to go back down the medication route. I just wanted to enjoy life again!

That help came from you Cara. I was quite nervous on my first appointment but you made me feel at ease straight away. As my treatment continued and as each week passed I began to feel more relaxed and calm and slowly but surely my anxiety symptons and the panic attacks seemed to slowly fade away. People around me also started to notice the difference in me too, I started looking forward to the day rather than waiting for the anxiety to raise it’s ugly head. The main difference was this whole new amazing POSITIVE outlook that I now have.

I can’t thank you enough Cara for your support and understanding and I’m now enjoying life again WITHOUT antidepressants which I never thought possible. I really can’t recommend this therapy enough.

Sally, 37, treated for anxiety and panic attackshelp for cocaine abuse rickmansworth

hypnotherapy aylesburyAgain I wanted to say a huge thank you for turning my life around. I’ve realised that the answer to my problems  has always been inside of me – I just needed to take control. I live and breathe the Thrive programme now, it’s been beneficial to so many areas of my life. I’m so overwhelmed by the programme I’d love to become a Thrive consultant myself!

Sarah, 34, treated for anxiety and panic attackshelp for cocaine abuse rickmansworth

hypnotherapy aylesburyThere has been a big improvement of my symptoms and many side issues also! I didn’t realise it but I no longer have panic attacks at nite, no matter how stressful my day has been, or what’s been on my mind! Things just aren’t bothering me at all anymore – nothing really plays on my mind to the extent that it annoys me! You’ve helped me more than I ever believed possible! I have say a big thank you. I really appreciate what you’ve done to help me.

Joe, 25, Treated for panic attacks and for cocaine abuse rickmansworth

hypnotherapy aylesburySince the (last) session i can honestly say it feels like a large weight has been lifted and i have been feeling much more confident and happy. My moods, which have been up and down in the past few weeks, have been on an even optimistic keel. Despite being the writer it’s hard to actually explain the changes or put it into words, but suffice to say it has all been positive. I supopose the only way to sum it up is that my entire outlook seems to be shifting.

For the first time in a long while my first thought isn’t ‘i can’t do that’ or to feel terrified at doing something outside my small comfort zone. Which is a huge difference. Thank you very much for all of your help, i don’t think i would have been able to open up like i did were it not for you making me feel so comfortable in our sessions.

Lucy, 26, treated for panic attacks and social anxietyhelp for cocaine abuse rickmansworth

hypnotherapy aylesburyDear Cara, I feel really happy and finally have control over my life – you unlocked that ability within me. I can never thank you enough for all that you’ve helped me to achieve.

Annie, 25 , help with panic attackshelp for cocaine abuse rickmansworth

hypnotherapy aylesburyI don’t know where to start to thank you for your help. I no longer feel anxious when I’m next to someone who is driving and I sleep peacefully now, not thinking of anyone breaking into my house. Most important than all is that I can be in my own house all by myself now.
So thank you so much Cara.

Leena, 28, treated for anxieties at home and in the carhelp for cocaine abuse rickmansworth

hypnotherapy aylesburyCara, I just wanted to say thank you for your time, determination and patience in getting me through this. My attitude has changed in the way I handle all situations and have a much calmer approach to everything. All bouts of doubt and anxiety have unbelievably been lifted.

My head feels a lot lighter and less cluttered. I guess only someone else who’s been through therapy with you would fully appreciate this.

Sheena, 30, treated for cannabis abuse to deal with her anxiety. generalised anxiety disorder treatment london

panic attacks treatment rickmansworthPrior to therapy I felt bouts of sadness for no apparent reason. I thought I constantly had PMT and it was the norm. Things came to a head when I started to feel overly anxious driving on the motorway. This came out of nowhere.

Having now completed therapy I generally feel content and small things that may have bothered me previously do not faze me now. I also feel less anger and a general sense of wellbeing. After 15 years of grinding my jaw and getting daily headaches this has improved by about 90% which is amazing as I had tried various techniques prior to therapy. When I first met Cara and she explained that my symptoms were due to an unreleased emotion, I thought she was full of mumbo jumbo however I was proved wrong. Throughout therapy Cara was supportive yet honest and this is what got me through to the end.

Sarita, 31, treated for anxiety with motorway drivinghelp for cocaine abuse rickmansworth

hypnotherapy aylesburyMy outlook and attitude has changed so much that people around me have commented on the postive changed that has come over me. The tension and stress has gone and the phobias I suffered are in the past. If something that you can’t understand is holding you back and affecting your health then you should consider this therapy and release the past which you have locked away and holding onto.

Jenny, 29, treated for phobias, depression, headaches and stresshelp for cocaine abuse rickmansworth

hypnotherapy aylesburySince my therapy, I’ve discovered the old me that has been buried for a long time under the fear of panicking. By applying techniques you taught me, I’m tackling my fears head on and getting back to the confident, fun loving person I used to be

Vicky, 24 (treated for panic attacks)help for cocaine abuse rickmansworth

hypnotherapy aylesburyAfter my 20th birthday, I developed a sudden and consuming fear of death. With this fear came panic attacks, after the first few sessions of Thrive I no longer experienced the panic attacks, and the headaches I had been suffering from due to stress also began to disappear. Working through the book with Cara has helped me in more ways than I can express on paper and I would recommend this treatment for anyone, especially those who experience panic attacks.

Ellie, 20, treated for panic attacks and health anxiety with Thrive help for cocaine abuse rickmansworth


* Some names have been changed to preserve anonymity