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help for phobia of needlesNeedle phobia is a very common symptom - figures suggest as many as 1 in 10 people suffer from it. Many people can feel anxious about injections, but if your fear becomes persistent and excessive, it may prevent you from having necessary medical procedures. A phobia of injections causes intense anxiety and may lead to  feeling faint, or actually fainting, palpitations and a panic attack.

The good news is that it doesn't matter how long you have had your fear of injections for, or how extreme the phobia is, you can overcome it in just six sessions with The Thrive Programme.

Below is Rhiannon's video on how she overcame her phobia of injections.

Rhiannon came to see me for her extreme phobia of injections. She would avoid them at all costs, and if she did need to have one, would starve herself for days, was unable to sleep and made herself 'very, very ill'. Here she proudly shows her plaster after having had a flu jab, even before the end of the programme. She was calm and able to beat off any anxiety and afterwards was 'absolutely over the moon'. Well done Rhiannon!

Rhiannon on the Thrive Programme...

"I am convinced that Thrive is the only way for people like me to beat the phobia. I've booked myself in for my first HPV vaccine (first of three doses!) next Friday and I've barely thought about it. Before Thrive, I wouldn't even have been able to pick up the phone and book myself in for an injection and the thought of a nearly two-week wait for it would just paralyse me! It's such a relief now I don't have to put my life on hold over these things anymore and I don't even consider myself to have a phobia anymore." phobia of injections

The Thrive Programme can help you beat fear of injections / needles

The Thrive Programme will help you to take back control over your thinking and responses to injections. The results are powerful and predictable. It is a revolutionary and powerful training programme that helps you to understand yourself, your beliefs and your thinking styles that are causing your fear. Once you have that insight, it can be very easy to think differently, change old patterns of behaviour and feel back in control of your thinking and emotions about injections.

Priya, (words from email after her 2nd session)

I had a blood test today! There was a time when the idea freaked the hell out of me! But today I went on my own and had it done! It didn’t even feel anything! And I did it! If I can overcome this I can do anything and I’ve not even completed Thrive. The impact is mad!!!!!

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