Cara's Client Testimonials

Below you can read what my clients have said about their experiences of working with me.

It can be difficult to decide if a particular therapy or therapist is 'right' for you. However, I hope that the many testimonials I have received over the years will give you the confidence to know that the help I offer really works well.

Please note, that if your own specific issue is not listed below, please don't assume that I can't help you! Do contact me if you would like to discuss your own specific symptom.

To view symptom-specific testimonials, click on the relevant ones from the list below

• Addictions

• Anxiety and panic attacks

• Bulimia

• Children and teenagers testimonials

• Depression and difficult emotions

• Emetophobia

• Insomnia

• OCD and intrusive thoughts (Pure O)

• Phobias

• Physical symptoms of anxiety: ME, IBS, etc

• Self esteem, social anxiety and confidence

• Sexual problems for men

• Sexual problems for women, including vaginismus

• Shy bladder

• Wellbeing and general happiness

• Weight issues


* some client names have been changed to preserve confidentiality.