Expect to feel uncomfortable!

Uncomfortable feel! The power of our mind and imagination are incredibly strong. If we expect and anticipate feeling a certain way, it greatly increases the likelihood that we will make this our reality. What we imagine become a self fulfilling prophesy and this is how many phobias and anxieties are created and maintained. Which is why


Causes of vaginismus – is sexual abuse a factor?

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Causes of vaginismus I received a call yesterday from the concerned mother of a 21 year old girl who has vaginismus, a condition whereby the vaginal muscles tighten making sex painful or impossible. Like most of the women that I treat with this problem, she had tried to seek help previously and had been to


Help for Hypochondria

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Hypochondria Millions of people live in constant dread that they either have or will get a terrible disease. I am seeing increasing numbers of people for help with Health Anxiety, otherwise known as hypochondria. It can be a very distressing existence when you are often on the lookout for any pain or sensation that could indicate that


Welcome to my new website

Welcome Thanks for reading! This website is completely new and may just have the odd typo or grammatical error so bear with me while I do my tweaks...