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About Cara

Hello there! If we work together, I'll get to know quite a lot about you, so here's a little bit of information about me...


Why do I do this job? I really like people and I love helping to bring out the best in who they are. My previous struggles with my own issues means that I have come out the other side with empathy and compassion for others. There is no better feeling than seeing the amazing turnaround in people from the start of the programme to the end.

What are my credentials ? I've been helping people to resolve their anxieties and issues since 2000, helping thousands of people. I have been been a Thrive Consultant ever since The Thrive Programme was first created and am proud to have been awarded the Thrive Consultant of the Year award in 2013. I have a degree in Psychology and over the years have studied, practiced and been a participant of many different types of therapy. These include hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP, EFT, counselling, psychotherapy, Pure Hypnoanalysis and Brief solution focused therapy – I’ve been around the therapy block a bit!

For those who like lists, here are my Professional Qualifications and Affiliations:

 Bsc (Hons) Psychology degree from UEL
 Accredited and Licensed Thrive Programme Consultant and Mentor
 Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and Pure Hypnoanalysis from the IAEBP
 Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis from the Hypnotherapy Control Board
 Diploma in Brief Solutions Focused therapy from Uncommon Knowledge
• Diploma in Medical Hypnotherapy from The American Association of Medical Hypnotherapists

How did I get into doing this?   I've always been interested in what makes us tick. This is what prompted me to choose Psychology as a degree. I didn't jump straight into helping people as a career afterwards, I did so after a string of other jobs including software trainer, graphics recruitment consultant and Market researcher.

help for anger management I cannot recommend this lady enough. She enjoys the fact she is helping you and her compassion, understanding, ease and trustworthiness is second to none. So worth every penny I spent and I was kinda sad when she “sorted me out” because I wouldn't see her again. Oh and she has a fantastic sense of humor.

Where do I work?  I have offices in Rickmansworth in North London/Hertfordshire and Aylesbury in Bucks. However, because The Thrive Programme works well via Skype, I frequently work with clients in such places as China, New Zealand, Australia, America, Dubai and Essex.

Anything else I should know about you? I have co-authored a book with Rob Kelly called "Cure your vaginismus and thrive' to help women overcome this sexual problem.

What do I do outside of work? I'm 47 years old and a full-time stepmum to two teenage children. I like to play tennis and am an avid gym dodger. I have a kiln and when I'm feeling a little creative around the edges, I love making things out of glass. I have a very poor sense of direction and did once manage to misplace my car for three weeks...

help for anger management

Can I say what a special person Cara is with a special talent and ability. Very warm, caring, humorous, patient and understanding

Want to know more? Do get in touch

I’m really happy to have a chat with you if you’d like to find out more. Just call my mobile on 07740 781 573. If I’m with a client, you can leave a confidential message on my answerphone and I will return your call as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can email me at: info@caraostryn.co.uk