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treatment for shy bladder Amersham, Harefield, Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted rickmansworth

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Treatment for shy bladder

Many thanks for all your help in guiding me through the Thrive Programme in connection with my Shy Bladder issue.  I have spent so many years trying to wee at a urinal and feeling so embarrassed that I just wanted the world to swallow me up. I even started avoiding urinals, holding my wee in till it was painful, turning down social invitations because of fear of going to the toilet in public.

As you know I have tried many different treatments to try and help me overcome this problem, all to no avail and at the age of 54 I was really beginning to think that I was stuck with this problem forever and there was nothing that I could do about it.

I was wrong! Everything that I believed about my problem was completely wrong also. In going through the Thrive Programme with you I have completely changed the way I think about the problem and now realise that I was creating the problem myself, nothing was just happening to me, it was me sabotaging myself all the time! Half way through the 6 sessions I had with you I started to feel confident enough to challenge myself in a public urinal at a motorway service station. I stood there and did a wee just like anyone else, it was soo easy and it felt great!!! I was so excited that I had a very large coffee so that I could have another go! Since then I have been going to public urinals whenever possible and everything seems so easy, all because I can now manage my thinking properly.

So once again thanks a million for you patience and expertise to deliver a life changing result for me

Robbie, 54, Luton, treated for shy bladdertreatment for shy bladder Amersham, Harefield, Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted rickmansworth

treatment for shy bladder Amersham, Harefield, Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted rickmansworth

Having completed this book I feel like a different person. I cannot believe how happy and calm I am as a person now. After years and years of CBT and Therapy for anxiety I started the Thrive programme because it sounded like a different and much more practical and proactive approach. It is to the point, it deals with the present (rather than spending pointless hours going through childhood memories), it tackles your thinking patterns and allows you to take control.

Although I had started Thrive specifically to target Shy Bladder, after completing the book my self esteem and confidence had increased enormously. It made me realise that all my specific anxieties (e.g. shy bladder) were a result of my low self esteem and social anxiety. In other words, I was creating my own problems. This alone was a fantastic realisation as it gave me the control – if I am creating the problems, I can also stop them. This was the liberating moment for me, to realise that anxiety wasn’t something bad that was ‘happening’ to me, it was in fact just me, creating all this stress by the way I thought. This program will help you overcome a specific phobia but it will also give you so much more. It is easy to follow, although I would recommend working through it with a Thrive practitioner as I did, and if you put in the work, the results can be quick.

There are so many self help books out there that you can start to feel that nothing will work. I have tried others before and had very limited results. But Thrive is different, once I’d understood the concept and ideas of this program it was a light-bulb moment – my path to getting rid of the anxiety was suddenly very clear and very simple. I just wish I’d found Thrive sooner!

Eleanor’s Amazon review, treated for shy bladder
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Treatment for shy bladder Testimonials from the Rickmansworth Thrive Clinic