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If you are reading this page, you may feel that you are struggling to control your use of particular substance or want to help someone who is. Addictive behaviour is all about feeling out of control and powerless. You may believe that the addiction is controlling you and you feel powerless to resist it, some or most of the time.

My treatment can successfully help people with the following abuse issues: alcohol, gambling, sex/porn, Cocaine, Cannabis and other substances.

Addiction or escapism?

The over-use and dependence upon substances is most often due to escapism. The desire for them is less about wanting to feel good, and more about feeling less bad, less stressed, less in the here and now. Because of this, I feel a more suitable description for ‘addiction’ is a feeling of vulnerability or powerlessness upon how that thing makes you feel (or indeed, stop feeling).

There is always a reason that people become addicted to something – perhaps its an escape from the stresses or boredom of everyday life. Maybe your life feels empty and their addiction fills that gap. More often than not, it’s a coping mechanism to escape from negative emotions. Maybe you have the belief that your body is chemically addicted and you feel you don’t have the ability or strength of mind to fight it.

treatment for addictions rickmansworth Ruislip, Watford, Northwood, Hillingdon Uxbridge Harrow.Alex, 42, help for cocaine abuse

When I came to you earlier this year, in an attempt to address “my (so called) issues”, I did so a little sceptically, as I had previously visited other counsellors, with little, limited, or no success.I do know that I am armed with the tools to confidently deal with the everyday situations/issues that my work/home life may throw at me. I know now that as long as I continue to Thrive (works hard & believe in myself), I know that I will continue to have the great life that I want.

treatment for addictions rickmansworth Ruislip, Watford, Northwood, Hillingdon Uxbridge Harrow.

treatment for addictions rickmansworth Ruislip, Watford, Northwood, Hillingdon Uxbridge and Harrow.The Thrive Programme treatment for addictions

To help you to feel more resilient and in control THE most effective treatment that I recommend for any addictive behaviour is the Thrive Programme…If you feel you have an addiction, this programme is all about YOU! This is a unique and highly effective training course where you will learn how to understand and take control of the thoughts, beliefs, emotions and worries that make you feel reliant upon a substance or behaviour.

Thrive can help you to completely change the way you think and feel about yourself, feel powerful and overcome your addictive behaviour in just six weekly sessions.

When you genuinely understand how your mind works, i.e. the interaction between your thinking, your personality and your feelings, you feel much more in control and empowered. When you recognise that nearly all of your problems, stresses, symptoms and ill-health are either caused or made worse by poorly-managed thinking, you feel fantastic…and because you caused these problems, then you can change them!

The Thrive Programme is an empowering and liberating psychological training programme which, with your input, will allow you to overcome your addiction and feel free. You’ll find that its much simpler and faster than you may have ever believed to take control and get the life you want!

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Treatment for addictions in Rickmansworth

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