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Overcome depression in six weeks with the Thrive Programme

By Cara Ostryn, Depression specialist at the Rickmansworth Thrive Programme Centre – serving Amersham, Harefield and Chesham.

Depression is very common and it is estimated that between 10-20% of the population are suffering from it to some extent at any one time. Major depression is the number one psychological disorder in the western world*.

images-3We can all feel down from time to time – feelings of sadness are quite normal. However, depression is where one feels this to a greater extent for a extended period of time.

Stress can certainly lead to these feelings: pressures of work, finances, relationship or family worries. However, what is different about depression is that these feelings last for weeks or months, rather than days.

 Depression can often surface in the context of relationships: death of loved ones, romantic and marital break-ups, betrayals by friends or authority figures can all significantly increase the risk of depression. Although, many clients that I see can also feel depressed or unhappy in the absence of any major triggers in their life. Sometimes feelings of depression can seem to come out of nowhere, without any clear outward cause.

treatment for depression rickmansworth chesham amersham harefieldPrior to completing the Thrive course I hadn’t believed that I would ever be totally free of the feelings of anxiousness and the persistent negative thoughts, but they are now completely gone and I am finally able to relax and feel happy for the first time in years. I am confident that I will never return to the way I was before as I have completely changed the way I think, and I can’t even remember what it felt like to be so unhappy! Cara has helped me to completely change my life and I couldn’t be more grateful….thank you.

Zoe, 30 , suffered from depression and and anxietytreatment for depression rickmansworth chesham amersham harefield

The psychological causes of depression

Depressive feelings arise or are made worse from how we interpret ourselves and our lives. These interpretations will be based upon our self esteem and our own particular thinking styles. When someone broods or ruminates about negative things, this focus of attention on the bad/sad things in life will almost certainly affect how they feel. A downward spiral begins and so continues to fuel the sadness.

These feelings are also linked to feeling out of control in one’s life. The feeling that we are unable to make changes and are stuck in life. Feelings of powerlessness or helplessness are also linked to poor self esteem and the lack of belief in ourselves that we deserve more in life, or that more is achievable.

When we feel depressed or unhappy we tend to look ‘externally’ for a reason for these feelings, eg, we focus on our jobs, relationships, finances, etc. However, we rarely look internally at our own thinking. For example, people may spend a lot of time brooding and ruminating about their life in order to make sense of it, or find a solution that will help them to feel better. However, much research has shown that it is this very act of inward focus that actually creates and maintains depressive feelings.

Very often a depressed person may not even be aware of that very thinking that is causing the problem simply because we don’t tend to notice our thinking and negative thoughts can become ‘normalised’ – we get used to having the same old negative self talk.

treatment for depression rickmansworth chesham amersham harefield
Thrive is an actively engaging programme which… really does change the way you react, think and feel about almost everything in life… I am the happiest I could have ever imagined. Thrive truly saved me, and nothing I can say can explain the depth and extent to which it did so, but all I know is that those feelings of sadness and helplessness are a genuine distant memory and Ive never felt so in control of all my emotions.

Jasmin, 20, overcame her depression with the Thrive Programme

treatment for depression rickmansworth chesham amersham harefield

The Thrive Programme for depression

treatment for depression rickmansworth chesham amersham harefieldIf you feel depressed, this programme is all about YOU! This programme will help you to change not just your thinking, but your core beliefs that have caused these depressive feelings, such as self esteem.

It is a unique and highly effective six-session training course where you will learn how to understand and take control of your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and worries. Discover how to completely change the way you think and feel about yourself and challenging situations, overcome your symptoms and live a happier and positive life.

It is easy to attribute feelings of depression and worthlessness to our life, rather than the way we are thinking about life. However, when you genuinely understand how your mind works, i.e. the interaction between your thinking, your personality and your feelings, you feel much more in control and empowered.

Thrive is an empowering and liberating psychological training program which, with your input, will allow you to overcome depression and build your self belief. You’ll find that its much simpler and faster than you may have ever believed to take control and get the life you want!

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* Seligman, M. E. P. (1990) Learned Optimism.

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