Cara’s Client Testimonials from The Thrive Programme

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Below you can read what my clients have said about their experience at The Rickmansworth Thrive Programme Centre. All testimonials have been reproduced with my clients’ kind permission.

It can be difficult to decide if a particular therapy or therapist is ‘right’ for you. However, I hope that the many testimonials I have received over the years will give you the confidence to know that your symptom can be treated quickly and effectively with Thrive.

Please note, that if your own specific symptom is not listed below, please don’t assume that I can’t help you! Do contact me if you would like to discuss your own specific symptom.

To view symptom-specific testimonials, click on the relevant ones from the list below

• Addictions

• Anxiety and panic attacks

• Bulimia

• Children and teenagers testimonials

• Depression and difficult emotions

• Emetophobia

• Insomnia

• OCD and intrusive thoughts (Pure O)

• Phobias

• Physical symptoms of anxiety: ME, IBS, etc

• Self esteem, social anxiety and confidence

• Sexual problems for men

• Sexual problems for women, including vaginismus

• Shy bladder

• Wellbeing and general happiness

• Weight issues

* all client names have been changed to preserve confidentiality.