Testimonials for clients helped with their general well-being at the Rickmansworth Thrive Clinic

I treat lots of people who don’t have a specific symptom, but just want help to improve their outlook on life – which is exactly what the Thrive Programme enables people to do.

All testimonials have all been reproduced with their kind permission

Erectile Dysfunction and Premature EjaculationI went to see Cara about a specific symptom I had and I wanted Cara to fix it! I didn’t care how; hypnotherapy, crystals, magic pill, etc didn’t matter as long as she could fix it, and fix it quick. It would be one thing off of the infinite “To-do” list I had created and I could get back to worrying about all the other problems I felt had in my life !!!. A few minutes in she dropped the bombshell that she would not fix it …. but I would. This wasn’t my plan and at first I was a tiny bit suspicious about doing this “programme” that she was referring to.

I have generally been quite a cynical person and my first thoughts were suspicious as I had never done anything like this before but I thought I would give it a go. My suspicions and concerns were completely misplaced. The course is so accessible and breaks down the different issues into simple layman terms. Cara is a great teacher. She is there every step of the way to talk through each section to make sure you completely understand each area. Please do not get hung up about the “programme / course” idea either as Cara never lectures you. She is there to help identify the relevant sections with you and help guide you through those sections. Like everything in life, you only get out what you are prepared to put in. Every minute is time well spent.

You may have just one or many symptoms (I had many which I was ignoring or justifying as being “not too bad”, “well, that’s just life!” or “that’s just how I am built”) but they were all having a negative impact on my life, and they were not just impacting me but those around me too, both at work and at home. Working with Cara I have managed to address these and more!

I really came away with the feeling that everyone should know this stuff. For those happy and content in life they will identify with the positive things that they are doing, whether they realise they are doing these things or not. For everyone else, who is struggling a bit, it helps identify those areas and how to improve on them. With the great news being that we all can improve those areas, because we are in control of them. Having been guided through the course with Cara’s help I feel more confident and resilient than I have ever felt.Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation

Gerry, 43, consulted for anxiety around needing the toilet – Thrive helped him overcome that and so much more…

Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation

I’ve really had a great year so far thanks to you, you’ve built my confidence in many ways. I can now tackle many challenges that come my way. I’m more confident and I worry or care less about many different things now.
I am more relaxed as well, with more motivation on my days off. My heads not such a jumble as it was before. I also feel fitter and stronger physically and mentally. thank you so much.

Paul, 40, had confidence issues – text received four months after completion of ThriveErectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation

Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation

I wanted to say thank you for reminding me how to be in control. You (and the book) have taught me so much and the lessons I have learned are priceless. I feel so much better and I am going to work really hard at staying this way!

Kelley, 40, helped with obsessive thoughts about her relationshipErectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation

Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation

I was recommended to see Cara by a doctor at the Arsenal and she introduced me to the “Thrive” book. I worked through this book with her and found out more about myself and the problems caused by my own thinking. The way I thought made me think problems were bigger than they actually were. The book was a great eye opener and a joy to work through. I would recommend this book to anyone with any problems, be they anxiety, sleeplessness or smoking, as it more than helped me.

Pat Rice, 66, Thrive clientErectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation 


I have to say I really enjoyed the course with you, you really are fantastic at your job

Amanda, 52, Thrive Consultant traineeErectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation

 quotes_66I cannot recommend this lady enough….. She enjoys the fact she is helping you and her compassion, understanding , ease and trustworthiness is second to none. She does all sorts of therapy and even offers a free consultation to see if the therapy is suited to you. So worth every penny i spent and i was kinda sad when she “sorted me out” because i wouldnt see her again. Good luck Oh and she has a fantastic sense of humor

Anonymous review taken from Netmums.com. Thank you to whoever wrote it!the thrive programme

quotes_66I stumbled across Cara and the Thrive Programme at a time in my life when I didn’t really know what was wrong except I just wasn’t feeling myself. I had my doubts initially about the course as couldn’t bear the thought of someone trying to psychoanalyse me but this couldn’t be further from the truth. By the end of the programme I was pretty amazed at how much better I felt in just 6 short weeks. I did put effort into and did all the activities as quite early on I felt a good connection to Cara and trusted her. She never made me feel uneasy, she just gets it! In fact we had some good laughs during the session and before I knew it I was back to my happy place. I have already found myself recommending this course to my loved ones. It was simply brilliant and I will certainly be keeping in touch with Cara.

Zara, 38, help with relationship problemsthe thrive programme

  quotes_66Coming to see you to do the Thrive programme was the best thing I’ve done in a very long time. I am so glad I made that initial effort, that step towards change.
Firstly – just coming to see you – a sympathetic ear, and a lovely, caring soul – I found it really hard to look inside my own head and analyze my thoughts. With your help, it was possible. All done with a delightful humour too, I do wish I could have you on my doorstep for a chat whenever I felt like it.

Secondly – the thrive programme – it is amazing. I think a lot of it is common sense but we are strange beasts and the daft things we do to ourselves do need to be pointed out to us. We allow ourselves become creatures of habit and unfortunately mostly bad habits – most of us need someone or something to help us break the pattern. I feel as if a large wad of cotton wool has been lifted from my head – as if I’ve stepped out from the fog.

I was suffering increasing social anxiety and low self-esteem. I felt completely trapped and unable to change anything. I had even started to feel ‘scared’ of all sorts of things that had never before and was putting it down to just getting older. My friends and family would probably not have realized that I suffered from these feelings – which did descend at times into depression. My husband, on the other hand, probably suffered as much as me! The Thrive programme showed me that I had been beating myself up for years and suffering very unhelpful thinking styles. It has enabled me to take control of my mind and therefore actions.

I now feel really happy and I feel as if I could do anything. I’ve not quite decided what it is I want to do yet but I am really excited. I am almost there, it is not yet second nature to me and I am still doing the exercises. I also have to set my goals and start to achieve new heights. However I feel I have the tools with which to do all this. The course does include some hard work. I had to commit, make time and work through the exercises. But it was so enlightening and refreshing to challenge my thinking that I came to enjoy it. I couldn’t have done it without you. And I can’t thank you enough

Louise, 48, Thrive client, consulted for feeling stuck in a rutthe thrive programme

* Some names have been changed to preserve anonymity