How to make the most out of The Thrive Programme

By undertaking the Thrive Programme, you are giving yourself the best chance to completely change yourself and your life for the better. Below are suggestions about how you can make your experience of Thrive as effective as possible.

The Sessions

  • In order to succeed with Thrive, you will need to have it as one of the top priorities in your life. Put in time and effort to absorb and integrate what you are learning and your endeavors will pay off.
  • Effort – The more effort and dedication you put into Thrive, the faster and more completely you will achieve your goals. The success of the programme is always correlated with how much effort the participant puts in. Take responsibility for your progress and success!
  • Tasks – Thrive is a DOING programme. I will give you things to think about or do in between sessions.  Learning and changing is an on-going process and will continue after the end of each session – lets capitalise on that. Clients who attend every week and do everything that is asked of them will do much better than those clients who dip in and out of sessions and the book.


  • Full payment for the programme is payable when the first session is confirmed. In circumstances where affordability is an issue, a payment plan can be agreed.
  • Please adhere to agreed appointment times. My diary tends to be booked up two weeks in advance so it is sometimes impossible for me to reschedule sessions with late notice.
  • Be on time! This is not a long-drawn out programme. You only have one session a week so make sure you are getting the maximum time available.
  • Thrive is completely life changing and the results you achieve will reflect the effort you put in. I want all my clients to get the most from this programme but if I feel you have not been putting in the necessary effort I will discontinue your sessions.
  • If the programme is terminated by either party, you will be reimbursed for any remaining sessions.
  • Late notice cancellations – Cancellations MUST be within 24 hours of your appointment time, otherwise the cancelled session will be regarded as one of your allotted sessions. You may book an extra session to compensate for the missed one, but this will be charged at full session price. Exceptions to the late notice cancellation term are in the case of emergencies.


The Thrive workbook

  • Bring your book with you to every session.
  • Reading – Read what is asked of you – no more and no less. Reading too much may mean that you are skimming over areas and not absorbing them. Do all the exercises and quizzes – you will find it fascinating and encouraging to read back on past answers to see just how far you’ve come over the weeks. Write in your own notes and highlight the areas most relevant to you.
  • Set aside time to study the book. It is not bedtime reading when you are tired! You will get more benefit from the programme if you read the suggested chapters as soon after your session as possible. That way, you have the rest of the week to integrate what you have studied and learned.
  • Use the workbook as your own personal diary. Don’t be afraid to write in it. If worrying that others will find it is holding you back from writing your true thoughts – hide it away from other’s eyes.