Testimonials of clients who suffered physical symptoms, treated at The Thrive Programme Clinic in Rickmansworth

Genuine testimonials from clients who sought help with Cara at the Rickmansworth Thrive Programme Clinic

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I went to Cara for a consultation and felt she could help me overcoming my longstanding problem with IBS. I couldn’t believe I had been viewing myself so negatively. After my six sessions with Cara I felt confident enough to drive on the motorway and tackle heights which I hadn’t done for years. My IBS is much improved and I feel confident that with my internal locus of control being so much stronger I can only go on improving. Thank you Rob and Cara for all your help.

Jean, 77, help with irritable bowel syndromehelp for cocaine abuse rickmansworth

hypnotherapy aylesburyAfter my 20th birthday, I developed a sudden and consuming fear of death. With this fear came panic attacks, after the first few sessions of Thrive I no longer experienced the panic attacks, and the headaches I had been suffering from due to stress also began to disappear. Working through the book with Cara has helped me in more ways than I can express on paper and I would recommend this treatment for anyone, especially those who experience panic attacks.

Ellie, 20, treated for headaches and health anxiety with Thrive the thrive programme

 hypnotherapy aylesburyI came to see Cara in the summer of 2014, I really felt it was my last option. I had been suffering with post viral fatigue and what had been labelled ME. I never thought I would get better, I am in my early twenties and had been crippled by the lack of energy and fatigue I was suffering, it was ruining my day to day living and the prospect of my future plans, to train to be a teacher. I arrived to see Cara, and was welcomed into her room and was asked general questions. Everything Cara asked me didn’t worry me, I felt I could be as honest as I would be with a good friend (even though I had only met Cara for half an hour).

After a couple of sessions with Cara and reading the Thrive book at home, slight things were beginning to change, as in the way I was thinking about my ‘illness’ and ‘why me, I will never be better!’ I realised that I actually may be able to take control of this and be the ‘normal’ me again the me before my glandular fever and viruses.

Cara taught me to see what was in front of me and to stop focussing on the negatives. It may have only been 6 sessions and 1 book but it has changed me forever. I am now half way through my teacher training and a year ago I would of been feeling ill, moaning about the aches and pains I suffer every morning but now I no longer start my days off on that negative foot.

I can’t recommend Cara and this programme enough. If you are suffering with ME symptoms and have been told you may only be able to slightly improve the symptoms and have been left with these depressive thoughts. Go to Cara with a open mind, listen and reflect and she will open the door to what is really important and that you are strong enough mentally to turn it all around.

Sarah, 23, treated for MEthe thrive programme

hypnotherapy aylesburyI just wanted to let you know that my IBS symptoms have pretty much gone now, following my course of therapy with you. Its now well under control and I have not had to go back to the continuous course of medication that I had previously been on for over two years. I am convinced that the treatment you provided has done the trick – thanks for all your patience!

Steve, 52, treated for IBSthe thrive programme

 hypnotherapy aylesburyI have been a lifelong nail biter (58 years) and had tried everything to break the habit, but nothing worked on a permanent basis. After just two sessions of the Thrive Programme I have stopped biting my nails and the desire to do so has disappeared completely

Tricia, 58 , treated for nail bitingthe thrive programme