Highly effective Generalised Anxiety Disorder treatment

Generalised Anxiety Disorder Treatment (GAD) at the Rickmansworth Thrive Clinic, near Watford, Northwood, Uxbridge, Hillingdon, Ruislip, London

Generalised Anxiety Disorder – what is it?generalised anxiety disorder treatment london

Everybody suffers from anxiety at sometimes in their lives and for many people, it is a daily occurence. However, sufferers of GAD feel in a near constant state of anxiety or stress which will interfere with many areas of their life. They experience excessive anxiety and worry about events or activities most days of the week for at least six months.

People with GAD feel out of control of their thinking – even though they may appreciate that their anxiety is more intense than the situation warrants. They can’t relax, startle easily, and have difficulty concentrating. Often they have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep. Physical symptoms that often accompany general anxiety disorder include palpitations, fatigue, Irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, muscle tension, shaking, twitching, irritability, sweating, nausea or having to go to the bathroom often.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder treatment London
Again I wanted to say a huge thank you for turning my life around. I’ve realised that the answer to my problems has always been inside of me – I just needed to take control. I live and breathe the Thrive programme now, it’s been beneficial to so many areas of my life. I’m so overwhelmed by the programme I’d love to become a Thrive consultant myself!Generalised Anxiety Disorder treatment London

Causes of Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety does not just happen to us – it doesn’t appear out of the blue, even though that’s how it may seem. Negative, stressful thoughts are generated by unhelpful belief systems, which is why we can be quite unaware of them and the damage they do. Sufferers of GAD are constantly occupying their minds with negative, catastrophic thoughts, either by worrying about situations that may occur (‘anticipatory anxiety’) or worrying that they don’t have the ability to cope with their current situation, eg, at work, with friends, etc (‘real time anxiety’).

At the very heart of GAD lies a lack of self belief: sufferers lack of belief in themselves and their ability to cope, which is why they spend a lot of time doubting themselves, berating themselves and planning for worst case scenarios. Another major component of GAD is social anxiety – feeling judged and worried about how others may perceive them. This also stems for self esteem issues: when we feel confident in our own skin, we feel confident around others.

Generalised anxiety disorder treatment – The Thrive Programme

Generalised Anxiety Disorder treatment London

If you are suffering from GAD this programme is all about YOU! This is a unique and highly effective six session training programme where I will teach you how to develop good self esteem and feel in control of yourself and your life.

Discover how to completely change the way you think and feel about yourself and challenging situations, overcome your symptoms and live a happier and positive life.

Thrive is an empowering and liberating psychological training program which, with your input, will allow you to overcome anxiety, and feel much more in control in your life. You’ll find that its much simpler and faster than you may have ever believed to take control and get the life you want.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder treatment LondonMy panic attacks started at the age of 24. Having been on antidepressants for 10 years and it taking me three years to come off of them…My life became somewhat of a daily struggle with a list of anxiety symptons as long as my arm…I can’t thank you enough Cara for your support and understanding and I’m now enjoying life again WITHOUT antidepressants which I never thought possible. I really can’t recommend this enough

Generalised Anxiety Disorder treatment London

How The Thrive Programme differs from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Thrive is entirely different to techniques such as NLP or CBT, even if on the surface they may sound similar.

Thrive doesn’t just focus upon giving a person some isolated insights, tools and techniques to cope with a symptom or problem. These approaches are ‘fire-fighting’ – trying to control or reduce the anxiety AFTER we have already created it by our thinking. Often people tire quickly of having to maintain this level of effort of fending of negative thoughts. The Thrive Programme is about Thriving and overcoming symptoms is just a part of that.  It is about creating strong psychological foundations (eg, good self esteem) so that we are not creating anxiety. You don’t need to fire-fight if you are not setting fires in the first place.

The Thrive Programme is a comprehensive training course, which provides people with unique self-insights that enables them to develop the beliefs, resources and motivation to build resilience and make positive changes across all areas of their lives. It is of limited value teaching you any sort of ‘positive thinking’ or CBT or NLP techniques unless you understand the component parts of your thinking and beliefs that continue to create the anxiety. If you are not able to understand or alter the driving forces behind your symptoms or anxiety, it can feel as though you are ‘treading water’ trying to fend off negative thoughts.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder treatment

at the Rickmansworth Thrive Clinic, near Watford, Northwood, Uxbridge, Hillingdon, Ruislip, London