Genuine testimonials from people who were helped with fears and phobias using The Thrive Programme

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I recently started having panic attacks over the most ridiculous things that had never bothered me in the past. For example driving which resulted in my life changing overnight. I become very panicky about other things too and lost my confidence and self esteem. I then found a fantastic lady called Cara Ostryn who took me through Rob Kelly’s Thrive programme and it was enlightening.

For the first couple of weeks I was reading the book and felt it was great but it wasn’t sinking in then suddenly I grasped it and not only has my life has gone back to normal my confidence has improved as I am learning how to deal with pressures of life. I realised it is only Me that is holding Me back! My self esteem is through the roof and my confidence has been restored. Thank you Cara thank you Thrive!!

Amy, 47, treated for fear of driving & fear of escalators. Amazon Review the thrive programme


I just wanted to email you to thank you for the past 3 sessions, which went better than I ever imagined! Not that I did not have faith in you, because I do! I feel so happy and overwhelmed at the changes in (her) already, and thank you for teaching me lots too as I am also thinking differently and in a more positive way, thus ensuring my family try and do the same!

I was infact in my comfort zone and felt at ease during the sessions, thanks to you Cara for doing such a great job and being so genuine and friendly! I shall certainly be recommending you to absolutely everyone !!

Mother of 10 year old girl consulting for fear of feeling dizzy

the thrive programme

 quotes_66I promised that after I last saw you that I would let you know how I got on flying to and around America. I’m pleased to say it went great! Whilst the flights we took weren’t particularly turbulent, I felt a real sense of calm prior to and during each one. It was honestly like a weight had been lifted and flying has become a truly enjoyable, and relaxing experience again!

I wanted to thank you so much for the single hypnosis session which was so effective, and for helping me to regain control of my thinking (with Thrive).

Alex, treated for fear of flyingthe thrive programme

 quotes_66Hi Cara, Just to let you know how **** is getting on. He’s now going upstairs on his own, asking for the lights to be turned off, and even saying he can’t sleep because it is too bright. He was so excited (after the session), and bedtimes all this week have been something he really looks forward to. Thank you so much, his whole attitude seems to have changed from one short visit.

the thrive programme

Mum of 8 year old boy, treated for fear of the dark


I don’t know where to start to thank you for your help. I no longer feel anxious when I’m next to someone who is driving and I sleep peacefully now, not thinking of anyone breaking into my house. Most important than all is that I can be in my own house all by myself now. So thank you so much Cara.

Leena, 28, treated for fears at home and in the carthe thrive programme

 quotes_66Prior to therapy I felt bouts of sadness for no apparent reason. I thought I constantly had PMT and it was the norm. Things came to a head when I started to feel overly anxious driving on the motorway. This came out of nowhere.

Having now completed therapy I generally feel content and small things that may have bothered me previously do not faze me now. I also feel less anger and a general sense of wellbeing. After 15 years of grinding my jaw and getting daily headaches this has improved by about 90% which is amazing as I had tried various techniques prior to therapy. Throughout therapy Cara was supportive yet honest and this is what got me through to the end.

Sarita, 31, treated for anxiety with motorway driving the thrive programme


Flying was a real ordeal for me. I had a phobia of it and would try to avoid it where possible. Since seeing Cara only once, I have flown without fear, something never thought I would do. It has changed my life, as I can now visit members of my family who live abroad.

Annie, 62, treated for flying phobiathe thrive programme

quotes_66Dear Cara. Happy New Year to you. Just to let you know that the wedding went brillant – lots of family problems etc on the day but I did the Dream Technique which worked brilliantly. Thank you. Same with the seaplane – I actually enjoyed it and it was nothing to worry about at all….

Annmarie, treated for wedding day nerves and fear of flying
the thrive programme


Testimonials from clients treated for fears and phobias at the Rickmansworth Thrive Programme Clinic